Sunday, November 4, 2007

Jason's big day

Less than a year ago Jason said to me "I will never do a swim time trial longer the 400m". Well today Jason were over and beyond what he ever thought he could possibly do. He was at Huia pool at 6am this morning and was still swimming at 12.05pm. He swam for 6 hours (with 1 minute food breaks every 30 minutes). He swam 24 km and maintained a pace faster that 1 minute 30 seconds per hundred for the entire 6 hours. Any swimmer will tell you that this is no mean feat.

I could tell that he was in a world of pain during the swim and near the end I just wanted to get in there and swim for him. I guess that is how he felt when I was suffering at Canberra. I was so proud of him, he pushed himself further that I have ever seen him push and it was amazing to watch!!!

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