Thursday, November 15, 2007

The big THREE-OH...

So its been and gone, I am now 30! But I did celebrate with style (with a drink in my hand for nearly every photo)

YUMMO... here is my birthday cake (on the new cake stand)...

Me with my wonderful hubby (who did lots of cooking, cleaning and organising on the day/night)! Thanks Jase.

Hmmm obviously something is pretty funny going on here (or I have a bad case of lock jaw). Hmmm note the drink in the hand!

Now I KNOW something hilarious was going on here... I was telling a GREAT story (and really well). So good that Rob (closest on the couch) was amusing himself by playing the Adam's family hand! Kendal and John look like they think it is a good story anyway (or maybe they are just laughing at me).

Yay, the sun did come out!!!! So lucky I persisted in wearing my summer top!

Me and Kendal, just posing for the camera...

Hmmm, cheer up team, its not a funeral :-)

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