Monday, December 3, 2007

Building a pond

On the weekend Jason and I decided to build a pond in our garden... it came about in a roundabout way really, I happened to mention that I wanted some Chatam Island Forget me nots for our garden. So a trip to the garden centre, 5 new plants, 3 meters of polyeurethane and $98 later (no forget me nots though) we decided to build a little pond.

So we rearranged the rocks in our garden and Jason started digging....

Here it is with a little bit of water... for testing:

Another angle of the pond. We may make it deeper still as we do want to put some water lillies in it.

Looking down on the new pond from the side of the house

From the walway coming up to our house

Looking back up the path

We still have a bit of work to do and this will be a bit of a work in progress but still not bad for an afternoon's effort. I can't believe how expensive plants are though!

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