Monday, October 28, 2013

Perth Royal Show 2013

After 5 years in Perth Jason and I finally ventured out to the Perth Royal Show (an institution here in WA). We didn't know what we were in for but we were pleasantly surprised in the end.

The show runs for a 6 days Saturday  - Friday (including a public holiday Monday) and we strategically chose the Wednesday/Thursday to attend as we were hoping it might not be as busy as the Saturday/Sunday or public holiday.

We were overwhelmed down show bag alleyway, but stopped for a rest near the main arena watching the show jumping. Ethan was then spell bound by the old train/tractor steam engines. 

From there we headed off into the garden exhibition, which was an oasis, a haven of calm in the otherwise manic show grounds. I was particularly taken by this exhibition, the herb garden was built into the outdoor table! An idea I really liked!

After the garden exhibition Ethan and Jason had a camel ride. They had a ball!
From here Ethan had a pony ride, we had some dinner, then treated Ethan to a couple of rides at the toddler ride area (fire engine and helicopter).
Here is the fire engine ride:

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By this time we were all quite exhausted and it was time to head home! We all enjoyed ourselves and we will definitely go again next year.


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But... Yay! Posts! Miss you guys. :(

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