Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Albany, WA

The weekend just been I headed off to Albany WA for the Verve Energy 10km fun run. I was primarily there for work to present the prizes (as we sponsor the race), but since I was heading down I decided to run the race as well.

I arrived on the Saturday and had a few hours to kill before I could check in to my motel so I decided to take a drive out to the Natural Bridge and the Gap.

The natural bridge (shown below) is a granite formation caused by the gradual wearing away of the rock by the Great Southern Ocean!

It was an overcast day but that didn't dampen the amazing rock work and coastline! 
 Quite different landscape to the Perth coastline, that's for sure!
 You can see the gnarled branches on the trees showing how much the wind has shaped these over the years!
 The trees themselves snake up the rocks.

 Between the rocks there are all sorts of delights, beautiful wildflowers everywhere. One could explore for ages!
 I managed to get a panoramic photo on my iPhone, which shows more of the coastline for you! It truly was an amazing spot to visit! Although I was pleased to not have Ethan with me as the safety standards aren't like NZ, that's for sure!!

 The following day I ran the 10km race, it was a spectacular point to point race, full of ups and downs. It was a challenging race, that's for sure. I wasn't racing it, just running it at a tempo pace and I managed to take out third position. Here I am on the podium!
All in all a very enjoyable weekend away, although I did miss my boys a lot!

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