Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dinosaur spotting and finding new parks in Perth...

We always like to find new and different things to do in Perth on our weekends, so a few weeks back we visited the Museum of Natural History in Guildford. The museum itself is a Taxidermy exhibition, so there are lots of dead and stuffed animals, mammals, reptiles etc. But the main attraction for Ethan was the plastic dinosaurs (he is dinosaur mad!)...

Its not a long visit, we were done and dusted in around 20 minutes, but that is perfect for Ethan's attention span. Right next door is a gelato shop, which makes this a perfect outing!

From here Ethan, Jason and I went to check out a new and exciting park, the Woodbridge Riverside Play Space. It was AMAZING and Ethan had a ball. It had everything you want in a park. Firstly, it had a good fence so we could let Ethan wander to his heart's content and we didn't need to be worried about his escaping.
I was really impressed with everything to do there.... there were sand and water play areas, loads of swings, tunnels, a flying fox (with a safe swing/flying fox for kids Ethan's age) and more.

Here's Ethan on the flying fox swing! He LOVED it!

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