Sunday, June 17, 2012

Park time

Now that Ethan is a bit older we are starting to be able to have more fun at the multitude of parks around Perth. We have 4 parks within a very easy walking distance of our home and Ethan has so much fun! He can climb slides (big and small) but generally only goes down them backwards on his own (which suits me as it means he is still just a little cautious!

Here is Jason and Ethan on a spiral slide at Lake Monger... 
Email notifications can see the video here.

 Ethan wasn't quite so sure about the see saw on his own though! He was hanging on quite tightly!
 Ethan loves birds so we were regularly feeding the ducks at the local lake until we saw the signs prohibiting this!
After a big day at the park, where better to sit than on daddy's shoulders!!

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