Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ethan's birthday day...

Ethan woke us nice and early on his birthday (as per usual). After a quick cuddle in bed we thought it was time to open the family presents. Look how excited Ethan was!!!
Ethan loves his new balance bike but it is a little big for him at the moment.

The first time he spotted the new slide set was priceless! He couldn't move fast enough to get to it!!!
In the words of Granny, Ethan really is fearless. He has conquered the slide already, both up and down!!
Ethan stayed at home with Granny, Grandad and Aunty Leza while Jason and I went to work for the day! They had a great day with a visit to the park and beach!!
Both Jason and I managed to get home from work early to spend a little more time with Ethan in the afternoon!

All in all a lovely day and a fantastic first birthday. Thanks to Great Grandad, Nanny and Poppy, Granny and Grandad, Uncle Quentin, Jane and MacK, Aunty Camille and Summer, Aunty Leza, Aunty Tiffinee, Mark, Harrison and Hudson, Aunty Melissa and Uncle Tyson for making Ethan's day so special!

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