Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jason's job

I realise lots of the blog is about me or Ethan and not a lot about Jason! So I am looking at changing that a bit!

So what does Jason do for a job?

Well, Jason works for a small company called Yambay, out of its Subiaco office. According to its website "Yambay provides mission critical mobile solutions to the enterprise market serving customers that need a highly functional solution with interoperability across all core systems"... sheesh what a mouthful that is! I'll attempt to explain it in layman's terms.

One of Yambay's clients is Western Power (a State Government owned corporation that builds, maintains and operates the electricity network in the south west corner of Western Australia). Jason's company provides the software that Western Power uses to maintain the powerlines. For example, if a powerline comes down, then the software from Jason's company dispatches linesmen to fix the downed line.

Jason's official job title is "Application Specialist". That means that he is the "go-to" man at Western Power to talk to or solve any issues or training needs regarding the software that Yambay provides. Lately Jason has been tripping around the state visiting the depots- this sometimes involves driving 300km to get to a 2 hour meeting!

Jason sent me a picture of his desk last week!

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