Monday, July 11, 2011


Ethan is now 6 weeks old and we have both "graduated" from maternity/obstetrics health care to normal healthcare. At our 6 week checkup we found out that Ethan is the size of an average 4 month old (6.48kg and 63cm long)... our doctor also said that due to his size Ethan's motor skills development may be a bit slower. Time will tell, although from the previous post (video) you can see Ethan can lift his head off the ground and push up on his forearms.

This week we have been getting some lovely smiles, its a bit hard to capture them on camera though, but here are some:

Our darling wee boy has some FABULOUS expresions... here are a few I caught in just 2 minutes!!! They melt my heart sometimes.
Up to now Ethan's sleep patterns have been very mixed, some days he sleeps really well, others he doesn't. The days that he doesn't sleep well Ethan gets quite cranky and its hard to do anyting at all. But while Jason's parents were here we managed two lunch outings in a row which I was really pleased with... we are getting into a good rhythm now. Here we are at Wagamama.
Ethan and I go to mothers group on Tuesdays and a post natal exercise class on Wednesdays so we are staring to get into a few more activities which is good.

Thats all the news for now. Till next time!

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