Monday, July 4, 2011

Bubbles galore...

I couldn't resist posting these photos of Ethan's bath tonight. He adores bath time, and tonight he was surrounded in bubbles...
Things are going well in the Papps household, we have some really good days with a good balance of sleep, play, feeding and cuddling. Other days Ethan (even though he is really tired) struggles to get to sleep despite our best efforts and as the day goes on he gets more and more tired, which makes it harder and harder to get him to sleep. Those hard to sleep days are often followed by his best night time sleeps as he is soooo exhausted (last night was nearly an 8 hour stretch!!!).

Ethan still continues to grow and is now wearing clothes for 6-9 months old (he is only 6 weeks old tomorrow).

Ethan has also started smiling, and it makes my heart melt... I love it!

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