Sunday, May 17, 2009

Work function at Perth Zoo

Last Sunday we had a trip to the Zoo for a work family day BBQ, this involved tickets to the zoo and a fenced off area on the main lawn for lunch (11.30 - 2.30). We arrived at the zoo around 9am to do some sightseeing before the crowds arrived and I am really pleased that we did as nearer the middle of the day it got really busy.

Perth Zoo is based in the middle of South Perth, just 5 minutes from the CBD and it is really close to the Swan River. The zoo is really easy to get too and at times it is amusing to be looking at the orangutans, for example, and then seeing an apartment building overlooking the enclosure.

Perth Zoo is arranged in the following sections:
  • Australian Walkabout;
  • Australian wetlands;
  • Reptile enclosure;
  • Asian Rainforest;
  • African Savannah
  • South American Birds; and
  • Nocturnal house.
They had so many different animals to check out!!! Here I am at the start of the day just hanging with the kanga...

And here's Jason hanging with his brother... check out his face. He is really excited to be having this photo... not. Slightly reminiscent of the bear shots in Canada.We started in the Australian Wetlands and the penguins. They are pretty noisy and smelly actually, but they looked like they were having lots of fun playing around in the water.
Can't recall what this bird was called...but they were good for photos.
So were these birds.

We were still in the Australian wetlands, here are some Spoonbills:
We left the wetlands and moved into the Australian Bushwalk and walkabout. Hmmm the Aussies didn't appreciate the "Dingo stole my baby" calls. This fellow didn't even bat an eyelid though. P.s. there was also a thick layer of glass between us and him... lucky for a good camera, but Ken and Rona's polarising lens may have come in handy at times as well.An Emu in the walkabout area...
We were the only ones in the bird area, so I managed to get lots of photos of all the birds. We were in the cages with them as well so we could get some good photos without glass, perspex and wires. Here is a Kingfisher:
An amazingly pretty blue bird...I have hundreds of shots of these.
This little fellow is a thick knee wren, but actually the ankles are
Out of the bird cage and back into the Aussie Bush... and here were the Kangaroos... very docile
And happy to be approached.
Just some random monkeys up a tree in the middle of the pond... very playful.
What would a trip to the zoo be without some shots of pretty flowers...
Its been a while since I have been inspired to take shots of flowers so I was so pleased to see some pretty things while at the Zoo. I generally find Aussie pretty stark and hard to photograph so far so I was in my element until Jason told me people thought I looked like a dork taking photos of plants...
We visited the nocturnal house next, but no photos there as it was dark. It was fun trying to spot all the animals though. There were spiders, bats, snakes, frogs and many more...

Then we got to check out the lemurs.

Is it a monkey... is it a bird??? Not sure, but he sure is weird.
Another closer shot of the lemur.
Ohhhhh Mummy and Baby monkey hanging out. This was so cute to watch. Look at the baby monkeys hands... so cute.
And then on to my favourite part of the Zoo... the Orangutan enclosure. This was AMAZING!!! They had heaps of things for them to play on and it was an awesome place to hang out.

Ohhhhhh a little baby going up the climbing ropes...
Nearly there...
Hmmm do you think that the leaf helps him balance along the rope walk...
After the orangutans we really noticed how busy the Zoo was... so many people and it was pram city... families with kids everywhere. We figured that it was probably near the middle of the day so we headed off to the main lawn area for our work picnic.

We had an area fenced off just for the IMO which was great. A few comments about being animals in a Zoo as everyone was checking us out. The bbq was great, there was an entertainer for the kids, a great meal and good company. Our drinks cart held a great array of beer, wine and soft drinks, all on ice (which was good as it was still about 25 degrees... in the middle of May!!). Lucnh was beautiful fresh bread, steak, gourmet sausages, chicken, fish, potato wedges and some awesome salads. We topped lunch off with a great simple icecream.

The best thing was we were having lunch over the busy time of the day and by the time we had finished the zoo's visitor's population had diminished somewhat which was good.

After lunch we were off again.

Hehehe another flower shot.
I had to do it to Jason... he hates these shots, but I did manage to catch him smiling in this one.
It was hard to get good photos of the tigers... sorry for the reflection off the glass.
The elephant came out to play for us... our timing was great...
He's making short work of the piece of wood.
After the elephant we were onto the baboons... here they were picking lice from each other.
And then something so awesome... we managed to see the rhinocerous's squaring off against each other... running around at full speed (about 40kmh). I wouldn't want to be in the way, thats for sure.

The zebras.
The giraffe, just as it was heading back into a closed off part of the zoo.
and the galapogas turtle.... huge!!! Slow moving and check out the green goo around his mouth...
I had nearly 300 photos from the zoo so I couldn't put them all up here. Some of the other animals that I haven't put photos up were:

  • Cassowaries
  • Cheetahs
  • Cockatoos
  • Crocodiles ( a massive 8m crocodile!!!)
  • Echidnas
  • Frogs
  • Hyaenas
  • Koalas (pretty boring really.... just lazy balls of fluff)
  • Lions (apparantly out playing and really photogenic just before lunch but we missed our opportunity)
  • Meerkats (too many kids checking out the meerkats to get any good photos)
  • Numbats
  • Otters
  • Painted Dogs (similar looking to hyaenas)
  • Red Pandas
  • Reptiles (the reptile enclosure wasn't open when we went past early in the morning and we forgot to go back at the end of the day)
  • Sun Bears (again too busy to get any good photos)
  • Tasmanian Devils
  • Tree Kangaroo
  • Wallabies

So all in all a pretty amazing zoo really. I am not usually a fan of Zoos but this one is pretty awesome, lots of space for the animals and the enclosures are made to be very similar to their natural habitat so they all look at home, no really awful concrete enclosures here.

A great day and an awesome idea for a work function.


Mike said...

It's great to see Jason was able to spend the day with his brothers and sisters at the orangatang enclosure.. :P

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