Monday, May 11, 2009

Jason's parent's visit...

The day after the busso half ironman Jason and I went to the prizegiving... after a minor heart attack when I was accidently disqualified from the results I sorted it all out and I got my prize for second in my age group. After the prizegiving Jason, his parents and I headed off on a road trip through Margaret River, Augusta and Dunsborough. We started the day with lunch at Margaret River while we planned the day's winery stops.

First up was Xanadu Winery ( about 5 min from Margaret River.I decided that if I was to marry Jason again I would like to get married here. It was lovely and peaceful (and the wine was nice too). I especially liked the dessert wine and Jason and his dad got a couple of good reds. So first stop, and 4 bottles of wine bought.

After Xanadu, we headed off to the next stop... Watershed Wines.This was another great spot (even with the controlled burn offs happening all through the wine region. Check out the website: ( This was another venue that would be great for a wedding...

Time for another coffee... I was very proud to resist the numerous cakes, muffins, cookies and cheesecakes on offer.
A few wine purchases later and we were off again. We did a similar road trip to what Jason and I did late last year when we were down south for the Busselton Ironman. This day was a totally different day to the first time we experienced the trip. There was controlled burning everywhere so it was smoky and there was no real visibility.

We took the car off road again and I was just as scared as the first time... perhaps even more so... much to the amusement of the boys in the car.

Check out my feet... I love it... this reminds me of how my feet were everyday when I was growing up!! Always dirty!!!!
Here we are down at Augusta.
On the way back from Augusta (along Caves Rd) we stopped at the Flying Fish Cove winery, Jason's Parent's yacht is called Flying Fish so this stop was a must!!!
A few more tastings at the Flying Fish, a couple of bottles purchased and we were on our way home. All in all a great day.

The following day we headed home the long-ish and scenic way. We stopped in both Bunbury and Mandurah. What a stunning day we were treated to... especially after the smoke filled previous days.
Just another Autumn day in Perth :-) here we are heading to the coffee shop in Bunbury.
Bunbury is about 1.5 - 2 hours south of Perth and is situated on a peninsula, almost entirely surrounded by water. It was so nice in Bunbury, and I can see why people would choose to live there, although it was far too far to commute to Perth on a daily basis in my opinion.After the mandatory coffee stop we went up the tower in Bunbury to check the views out.

After Bunbury it was off to Mandurah for lunch...Mandurah is about 60 min south of Perth. Here we are in the car trip... I'm obviously getting sick of driving by now, hehehe.
After Mandurah we headed back to Perth as the Papps' rental car needed to go back and I had work on the Tuesday. Jason took the Tuesday off and introduced Ken and Rona to Perth, including lunch at Hillary's Marina, a trip to IKEA and a drive through some of our favourite suburbs.

That night we were treated to dinner at Coco's in South Perth mmmmmmm (

Wow, it was YUMMY!! For my main I had a free range corn fed whole baby chicken (boneless), marinated in garlic & olive oil, grilled with cumin roasted chick peas, honey & grain mustard dressing, served with fresh rocket leaves & lemon and dessert was a nectarine and blueberry pie, a great blend of katanning nectarines and plump blueberries baked in a sweetcrust case with golden peaks of meringue. Jason made the mistake of saying he didn't want any dessert... so I ate it ALL!!! He was then pretty disappointed that I didn't share with him.

Here we are at dinner:
And here's the Perth skyline from the South Perth side. This was essentially our view at dinner.
After a week at work we had a busy weekend planned. This is out of order on the blog but on the Sunday we went out to Rottnest Island. This sunday was the first overcast day for a while. Here's Jason on the ferry, just leaving the city.
The city scape.
The sky was doing great things.

After nearly 2 hours of travelling down the Swan River checking out how the rich poeple live we arrived on Rottnest Island. First stop was a coffee and a close up encounter with the Quokkas (a small marsupial about the size of a domestic cat).

We then decided to hire some local bikes in order to get round the island. The bikes are certainly not what we are used to at all... totally rusty, the gears were not great and they were heavy! But it was heaps of fun.

Here's our first stop.
The overcast day made for some great shots as well.

Here's the family on the bikes...

Jason's being a bit naughty not having his helmet done up. Mind you, other than island authorities there are no cars on the island so not too much chance of meeting a car. Although the bike traffic is very heavy and there is also the island bus as well.
Jason on the high quality bike :-) Just like the tri last weekend hehehe

We found a cool rock for some cool photos...Managed to get the self timer going properly as well!
Me and Jas up close.
Another of the many coves on the island.

This is where Rona and I had a swim. It was great, totally refreshing and the water was soooooo clear.
Jason and Ken at the very end of the Island. Rona and I had already started heading back and we were aiming to meet at Little Salmon Bay.
After a big day cycling round the island (which is most definitely not flat) and it was time for a well earned drink at the bar while we waited for our ferry to depart).

After we got back into Perth I got a few shots of the ferris wheel at night. Something I had been meaning to do for a while.

Sorry for the blog being out of order but here's the Saturday... we started with brunch at the Blue Duck in North Cottesloe Beach and a great walk down to Cottesloe. Here we are on the rock wall.
After the morning at the beach we took Rona and Ken round the bike course that we had been doing training for the Busso half. This drive included a stop at the Mundaring Weir, the town's main water supply...
Mmmmmm how long has it been since you have had a frosty boy!!!!

That's chocolate dipped flake cone for me thanks :-)

Mmmmm and its nearly gone.

All in all a pretty awesome week with Jason's parents.

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