Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A review of 2008

Although 2008 has not ended yet, I thought that it was timely to sit down and review our 2008. It has been a massive year for us with some major achievements and changes to our lives. Here are the significant things that have happened in mine and Jason's lives month by month...
  1. January: Jacinda- Tauranga Half 30 - 34 Age Group Champion, 9th place overall including pro women. Jason- bought his very first Motorbike: a Kawasaki KLX320
  2. February: Jason- swum the length of Lake Taupo (Taupo Foreshore to Little Waihi in Turangi) in 12 hours 38 minutes. Jacinda- got a new bike froma sponsor.
  3. March: Jason and his Dad- built a 30 metre retaining wall up our garden path (I helped by buying copious amounts of coke, beer and baking scones). Jacinda- Qualified for the World Champs after a less than perfect build up (viruses, strep throat and impaling my arm on a tree requiring stiches)
  4. April: A very quiet month for both of us... I concentrated on preparing for the World Championships and Jason on recovering mentally from his swim (still)...
  5. May: Jacinda- Won the 2008 Rarotonga International Triathlon. Both: We became an Aunt and Uncle for the third time to little Hudson Hayek.
  6. June: Jacinda- came 10th at the Standard Distance World Triathlon Championships in Vancouver Canada for the 30 - 34 Age Group. Both- Toured Canada including Vancouver, banff, Lake Louise, and Calgary.
  7. July: Jacinda- Started a new hobby... buying a Canon 450d Camera.
  8. August: Both- we celebrated out 4th year wedding anniversary... hard to believe that much time has passed already.
  9. September: Jason- Officially became a godfather to Lawrence and Nicci's beautiful son James. Both- Rented our house out, packed up our whole house mid september, left New Zealand on the last day of September and ticked the new migrant box as we arrived in Australia.
  10. October: Both- Arrived in Perth Australia on the first day of October, both starting new jobs. jacinda at the WA Independent Market Operator ( and Jason at Yambay ( We found a new place to live in Perth.
  11. November: Jacinda- Returned to NZ for the first time for Megan and Tony's wedding. Both- We bought a new car- life in Perth got a little easier after that. PLUS our furniture arrived from NZ!!! Finally.
  12. December: Both- finally got our Medicare and WA Drivers Licences sorted, bought a bike for Jason to commute on and celebrated our first Christmas by ourselves.

So looking back on 2008 we realise how far we have come, and what we have achieved. We couldn't have done this without the support of all our family, friends and each other.

2009 looks to be just as busy (although we won't be shifting countries during 2009 I can promise you that!).

A very Merry Christmas to you all and best wishes for the New Year.

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