Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cape Leeuwin

On our trip down south Jason and I made sure that we made it all the way down to Augusta and Cape Leeuwin. The Cape Leeuwin lighthouse is on the most South Western part of Australia and it is where the Indian and the Southern Oceans meet. Two of my favourite shots of the day are below... just showing the beautiful colours that we had down that way:

This was a little further round from the Cape but the colours were just stunning and I am glad that our camera did it justice.
Ok... so back to our day trip. We started out in Busselton early Saturday morning and made our way to the Margaret River Wine region. We stopped in for brunch at Providore ( Here we were treated to a stunning array of fine food, it was really hard to pick what we wanted to eat it looked so good. Whats more is they had a number of totally yummy samples to try from breads, olive oils, dukkah, dips, cheeses, jams, sauces and chutneys to name a few. Mmmmm a great way to start the day.

After that we headed of to the Yahava KoffeeWorks for Jason and picked up some great coffee and chocolate coated coffee beans which were meant to be a treat but only lasted for the rest of the trip :-)

From here we decided to do a drive down to Augusta and I am really pleased that we did. It was STUNNING down there, just a truly beautiful place to be honest. On the trip down here we were treated with some of the most spectacular coastlines blending in with the lovely National Park (way nicer than normal Aussie bushland). In fact in places I swear we could have been in NZ!

Down at the lighthouse we were greeted with some great rock formations and wildflowers.

The lighthouse was pretty awesome as well.... apparently it is one of the tallest in the Southern Hemisphere. We didn't pay the $12 entry fee to go inside it though and in hindsight I wish we did. Especially as we drove up the Coast and saw more of the stunning scenery.

The rocks, bush, water and sky all combined to make some stunning vistas...

Finally... one of us. Its been a while sine we have done our signature shot. I spend more time behind the camera these days!

The clouds in the sky were doing amazing things and they looked great with the rock formations.

Here is a closer shot of the lighthouse from outside the barricade... we were not allowed any closer as we didn't pay to get in :-(
From here we drove a little further up the coast and utilised our 4 wheel drive on the car... I was a bit nervous but Jason had it under control and we got to visit an amazing secluded bay!

It was just amazing down there I really can't describe how beautiful I thought that it was... The water was so clear and it was so nice, warm & sheltered. We even had a little swim.

Here's another shot just showing you the clearness of the water...

A photo inspired by one I saw of Natalie and Deano's holiday shots in Mooloolaba, a great idea for a photo.

Here's Jason refreshing himself in the swim...

Now for the meaty 4 X 4 shots from our off rd experience.... not. I was totally scared adn it doesn't even look like it was that much at all!!!

A long range shot of the lighthouse... I can imagine that you could get some spectacular shots if there were some waves off the cape.

The last few shots are from bays further round the coast demonstrating the the beauty did carry on.

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