Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Hi all... I am now back in the full swing of things training wise, aiming for the Wellington 10km Championships on Saturday 18 August. My ankle is still strapped but I can run ok, I can't kick very well while swimming yet though so doing a lot of swimming with a pull buoy which can be tiring at times but I know will help with my swimming strength.

Jason saw the nutritionist last week and she said that he will probably need to put 2 - 3kg of weight on for the swim, he has till February to do this but I have started making him dessert twice a week now (lucky for some aye). His swimming is going well but he has a slight strain in his intercostal muscle, the intercostal muscles are several groups of muscles that run between the ribs, and help form and move the chest wall. He has a little trouble with breathing while swimming. It is minor though so no visits to the physio for him at this stage.

I am aiming for a sub 40 min 10km at the Wgtn champs so am just sharpening up my running, I don't know what my form is like with the injury and subsequent disruption to training but fingers crossed for that. As part of the build up there is the bays relay in wellington this weekend. The relay is a 5-lap road relay around the coast (starting at Island Bay), finishing at the Zephyrometer on Cobham Dr by Kilbirnie Park. Lap distances are 4.8k, 4.6k, 4.8k, 3.9k and 4.0k. All laps are flat, except lap 3 which has a small up and down through the Pass of Branda. Road relays are always a lot of fun, as we all follow the relay in cars. It is a great way to start the road-racing season, and the short distances will allow you to tune up your speed. I am racing in the Scottish A team and running lap 3 (yip... the one with the hill). This suits me and is the lap I would have chosen for myself as well. Looking forward to it as I really like relay events!! This will be a good indicator of my form for the 10km the following weekend as well.

We also have the Huia vs Kilbirnie swim squad challenge on Saturday night which will be fun! I am not swimming and will be timekeeping for Ali (coach) as I can't really kick very well so wouldn't contribute much to swimmign races!

Thats all for now....

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