Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bays relay

So after a few weeks off (and some complaints from my regular readers) I am back. Its nice to know that people actually read my updates and look forward to them each week!
Hmmm where to begin...
Bays Relay
Two weeks ago we ran the Bays Relay (in 140kph northwesterly gusty winds!!!). Our team (in order of running- Alice, Natalie, me, Aubrey and Tina) did really well. The official results are a bit messed up so my times are estimates only... anyway, after lap one we were in second spot to the Wellington Harriers Team (WHAC)- but there wasn't much in it (maybe 10 seconds at the most).
Lap two: Natalie got a huge lead from Carline during lap 2, I think someone said it was over a minute which pleased me as I was running third against Vicki Humphries (someone who runs much quicker than me.

Lap three: My lap started about 200m before pass of Branda and finished at scorching bay, the toughest spots with the wind were the very top of the hill (anyone who cycles knows how you can be pushed backwards here) and the Seatoun foreshore. I managed to hold on and not get passed by the faster runner during this leg but our lead was reduced to 25 ish seconds (approx.).

Lap four: this was a tight lap- the WHAC runner passed Aubrey with about 100m to go in the stage. How exciting to have such a close race!

Lap five: Tina passed the WHAC runner early on and never looked back! So all in all a very good win!

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