Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekly round up: 11 - 17 June

Well Jason and I had a busy week last week, some key highlights were:

Thursday: my favourite ever swim session- a power set which included some 50m sprints with pressups between them! Hard but really awesome (my muscles did hurt for the next few days though)
Friday: Natalie's birthday drinks and dinner

Saturday: Club handicap race (I got the fastest women's time on the day over the 5km course in
a time of 19.53, I was stoked with this as it included a hill and a run along the sand at Days Bay). Followed by an awesome spa at Kedal's parents place and dinner and the rugby at the lifeboat out in eastbourne

Sunday: Triple Peaks race. The peaks for this race were Mt Crawford, Ataturk memorial and the View Rd lookout. I finished this in 1 hour 57 mins (FYI: The Wellington Triple Peaks series is a great way to combine some good running with exploring new ways to the tops of the hills around central Wellington. The Three Peaks series comprises three events, in late May, June and July. Each is over three hills. It is up to the runner how many peaks are climbed, and in what order and what route). I came in first female in this event as well, so now have an 8 minute lead in the series!

On Sunday Kevin (my coach) decided that I should do the Wellington 10km race next weekend so I have an easy-ish week's training this week to recover from the last few weeks and to semi-taper for the 10km. The goal for the 10km will be to work on my pacing and aim for a negative split (this means to run the second half of the course faster than the first half).

Looking forward to this week:

I have birthday drinks on Friday night for Nicole (work buddy) and the 10km race on Sunday, which will no doubt be followed by a yummy brinch/lunch out somewhere. Other than that it is a pretty quiet week for me.

Jason has just two weeks left before his training starts in earnest so he is making sure that he enjoys the rest!

Thats all for now! Till next time!

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