Sunday, June 10, 2007

The mighty Dorne Cup

After a bad stomach reaction to some panadol on Thursday, very little food and a day and a half in bed recovering I wasn't feeling 100% for the Dorne cup.

The Dorne Cup (as described by the hosting club) is a "flat cross-country event around the picturesque Trentham Memorial Park and the Hutt River stop banks"... hmmm I didn't notice the picturesque surroundings while I was slogging it out around the 1 1/2 lap 6km speedy run! This run hurts (as do all cross country races) and it doesn't suit my natural strengths as it is a fast and flat course. Although as the photo shows, I must have been enjoying myself as I am smiling...or is it a grimace!!

Last year's Dorne cup is better forgotten so even though i was sick this year I was expecting to come in a reasonable amount faster than 2006. I finished in 25.35, about 1 min 45 sec faster than 2006 so I was pleased with what I would call a solid effort!

I was the 6th Scottish Woman and 15th overall. Natalie was first for Scottish, 9th overall and Kendal 2nd for Scottish and 11th overall so a great outing for them!

We (Kendal and I) backed up yesterday's race with a 2 hour hills run this morning with Kevin and Johnno, we ran to the wind turbine, Wrights Hill, the Karori cemetary, crofton downs and Tinakori hill. Lets just say we enjoyed the cafe stop after this run! The good news is I can finally eat properly again today so am busy re stocking my fuel stores!

Jason had a very quiet weekend, taking a well earned break between his nationals last weekend and his impending training regime for the Lake Taupo swim challenge.

I am looking forward to next weekend where I race the Novice Cup (a 5km Scottish handicap race in Eastbourne) on Saturday and the second of the Triple Peaks series on Sunday. That means some research time this week on to ascertain the fastest time around the three peaks: Mt Crawford Prison, Ataturk Memorial and the View rd lookout.

That's all for now...

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