Monday, December 29, 2014

Our blue eyed girl and our brown eyed boy!

We couldn't be more proud, here are our two gorgeous children - our very blue eyed (for now) Charlotte and our brown eyed Ethan! I know I am biased, but how lovely are they!
 I love seeing my babies together, although I am sure that Ethan  would prefer it if Charlotte actually played with him! I know there are many years yet for that to happen but in Ethan's mind he wants it now! In the meantime, we all need to be happy with the occasional cuddle! 

Ethan is very gentle with his sister, which I am very pleased to see! 

How gorgeous are they together! I couldn't pick between these three photos so you get them all!
One day over the Christmas break we couldn't get Charlotte to settle very well, we thought it was because she was too hot so the kids had their first swim together... it worked and Charlotte had a short sleep after this swim!
We had a few tricky days over Christmas with Charlotte and settling her during the day. On one of the days we tried to walk her to sleep. Unfortunately this day it didn't work... but we did get a change of scenery at the park which was good for all of us!

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