Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Is he spiderman, a pirate, optimus prime or Ethan?

There's no doubt that Ethan likes to dress up! On any one day he will be Optimus Prime, IronMan, a Ninja Turtle, Spiderman, a Pirate or anything else his imagination wants to be! We have a few costumes which we have picked up over the years but if we don't have the costume Ethan improvises (or asks me for a very amateur face paint).

Ethan loves being Optimus Prime. Here he is in "truck" format as well as full transformer format.
Spiderman remains a firm favourite in this household! Not sure what we will do when he grows out of this suit!
Ethan loves being a pirate and making us all "walk the plank, me hearties" 
 My face paint on the left (Optimus Prime) vs a professional on the right!

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