Saturday, August 2, 2014

Up close and personal at Perth Zoo

Ethan has been desperately wanting to go to the Zoo recently so last weekend we donned our raincoats, re-joined the zoo for an annual membership and off we went. What a day it was as well... the animals were all out in force and we have perhaps one of our best visits ever!

First stop was the reptile house (Ethan's choice of course!).
 We headed through the bird enclosure to see the crocodile!
 A quick sojourn through the kangaroos.... then off to the monkeys! and what a show they put on for us. We were the only ones here and it was amazing! The closest and best view we have ever had of the monkeys! We all loved it!
 The lion was prowling!
 And then we came across some more monkeys.... I mean Ethan! He loved the new ropes near the orangutan enclosure!
 A quick shot of all the monkeys together!
 Even the giraffes were closer than ever before!
It was a very successful zoo outing and our first one sans pram! Ethan only had one little meltdown when his legs were just getting a bit tired, otherwise we wandered around the zoo for a good couple of hours, if not more.

After all that walking we stopped for a well deserved lunch on the way home!

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