Wednesday, August 27, 2014

10 Years Married!

Wow, Jason and I recently hit a pretty big milestone! Our 10 year wedding anniversary!  It's been a great 10 years and I am sure the next 10 will be just as awesome - albeit more chaotic with two children running around!

This post is really a picture post recalling some memories over the years! It's quite hard as we very rarely get photos together! So they are all few and far between! So.... without further ado and in no particular order... here are some memories!

Our wedding day - 22 August 2004, Noosa Australia. It was a fine but windy day, everything was awesome, neither of us would change a thing about our wedding!
 As you can see we have great fun!
 We were blessed with a lovely day, and were able to share it with some of our nearest and dearest... not everyone could make it, but it was an awesome day nonetheless!
 Ahhhhhh... canoe polo was where it all started for us! This was a few years in and doing some casual training on Wellington Harbour after sailing out to this bay on Jason's parent's yacht. 
 From left and clockwise.... this is us the night before flying out to Australia for our wedding (we look so young!), next up is us at one of the theme parks in Australia on our honeymoon, and finally Jason and I hosting Christmas at our first house that we bought together!
Again, left and clockwise... us at Josie and Mark's wedding in the south island, at the taupo car race track where Jason had a few laps in a race car as part of a birthday present and at the end of Jason's epic swim across lake taupo!
This collage was on another trip to NZ, this time for Sam and marnie's wedding, with a ultra marathon thrown in! Here we are (left and clockwise again) at Orakei Korako Geothermal Reserve (which is just around the corner from where I lived as a child), me at the end of my ultra marathon (so relieved to be finished), Jason and I at the start of our Waitomo Caves caving adventure.... my smile hides how scared I really was here, and another photo of me at the finish line of my race..... 
We start with me and Jason at my 30th birthday, then its us at Busselton watching Ironman WA for the first time, us at Makara, Canberra for the long distance world champs, and finally in Canberra again for my brother's wedding (this collage is a real mix of photos from very varied years!!).
 One of our many sports trips overseas, this one was to Canada for the 2008 Triathlon World Champs! An awesome trip! So many photos I could have chosen from this trip!!

 These photos were on our last trip to NZ! Introducing Ethan to some different nature scenes than what he sees in Australia!
 On our holiday in Dunsborough from earlier this year. This is the first photo of us as a family of 4  as I was very early on in this pregnancy!
 Another photo from our most recent NZ trip - this time on top of Mt Kaukau!  
So many great memories and so many more that aren't documented here in this post... to see those, just flick through this blog! 

We are looking forward to whatever adventures come next!

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