Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ethan's first haircut

After lots and lots of discussions between Jason and I we finally decided it was time to tame the mad professor hair do! Ethan had lovely curls when they were behaving, but more often than not, his hair was a tangled mess (especially as he had taken to rubbing his food through his curls!).

Here is a before shot for you!
 I wasn't sure how the actual hair cut would go, so as Jason also needed a haircut we made a family trip out of it. I wanted it to be a good experience for Ethan so first of all, Ethan and I checked out the salon, held the clippers and combs and checked out other people getting their haircut. Then Ethan sat on Jason's knee for a bit during the start of Jason's hair cut. Here is Jason and Ethan, their last pre-haircut photo together. Ethan is pretty interested in what is going on around him at this stage!
 Halfway through Jason's haircut Ethan sat on my knee and it was his turn. He did really well, but was too interested in the noise of the clippers to keep his head still! He kept turning to where they were! So (as you can see in the photo below) his left side is nice and tidy and even, but his right side wasn't quite finished properly! Even so, I think the two boys (post-haircut) look pretty handsome!
 Check this little dude out! Most people have commented that he looks a few months older with his new do!
 And here Ethan is a couple of days later, his hair has thickened out a lot since the cut and he is still looking as cute as ever (albeit a little serious in this photo)!

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