Monday, August 6, 2012

A little bit about Ethan!

So its been a while since I posted about Ethan! So its probably time I gave you all an idea of the little boy who has captured our hearts and made our life so amazing!

Ethan (as you can probably imagine) is a very cheeky wee fellow! He gets into everything. His favourite areas for mischief are the fridge (he loves rearranging the shelves) and the toilet (he loves pulling the toilet roll out and trailing it for as far as he can go without it breaking!). Recently Ethan decided he liked the look of the plastic bag drawer... this is how I found him one day:

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But in amongst the mischief he is also a really helpful wee boy as well. He helps empty the dishwasher (he does the cutlery himself - in reality this means that he throws everything in the cutlery drawer and I need to tidy it later, but its a great start!). He then takes the cups out and hands them to me to put away, saying "ta" every time he hands one to me! If I put the washing on the floor in the laundry Ethan will load it into the washing machine for me! Ethan also likes to sweep the floor! So we are training him well!

Ethan is well developed physically, he runs, can walk backwards and climbs everything! Ethan doesn't have many words yet but communicates very effectively with pointing! If you pick the wrong thing up he will let you know! Ethan has a few words, these are: heyoo, ta, nye-nye, and ta-ta. He also does a ducks quack, a cows moo and the sucking noise when the plug is removed from the bath!

For months now I have been verbally cueing Ethan when going to bed! Every sleep I have said night night Ethan. Well it has paid off and these days I say night night time? and Ethan says ta-ta or nye-nye and walks to his bedroom! I was over the moon the first night he did this!

Apart from putting random objects inside Jason's guitar (one day we found a pair of vice grips, a screwdriver, two building blocks and some other random items inside Jason's guitar) some of Ethan's favourite activities these days are:

Drawing (he has only drawn on the wall once):
Reading - Ethan ADORES reading. We can spend three hours reading solidly! He points at everything in the books and we go over the objects time and time again. When he ppoints he "says" something that sounds like "ayai-yai-yai-yai??". Its his way of saying what's this! Sometimes he grabs our fingers and points to things as well! Ethan really cannot get enough of books!
 Ethan also loves getting into places he shouldn't, like his toy shelf!

Equal to his passion for books is Ethan's love for the outdoors! He loves spending time outside - running around, climbing things, running his hand through sand and dirt! Bird spotting, all sorts!

Finally, Ethan loves to dance. When music with a good beat comes on he breaks into a massive grin and starts bopping away! We have some cute clips from you tube that he also likes to dance to, he does the actions along with them, such as: moving his arms like a bird, flying to outer space in his super turbo flying machine and turning around on the spot! I will try and get some video of his dancing, its such a joy to watch!

Well that's just a quick update on Ethan! I hope it bought a smile to your face as it does to mine every time I think of the special wee boy!

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