Thursday, July 12, 2012

A winter's weekend in Perth

The weekend just been was a perfect example of why we like to live in Perth. The winter weather is totally bearable (the last fortnight has been sunny with temperatures ranging from 16 - 24 degrees) and it is a great place to have a young family (albeit far to far away from extended family at times!).

Saturday was all about getting a few jobs done round the house. This also involved a quick trip to IKEA for some supplies (another good reason to live in Perth). On the way home from IKEA we stopped at one of the many local parks for Ethan to have a good play and get rid of some of his never ending supply of energy!

Sunday started with a running race for me (yip, I am back doing running races - I'm not fit or fast but a weekly running race sure is helping).

Then after Ethan's morning sleep a quick walk to our closest neighborhood playground (we have around 5 in easy walking distance). He loves the playground! He can climb to his hearts content!
 After lunch we headed off to the river so Jason could do some canoe polo practice. Ethan and I dug in the sand, stalked sea gulls, watched Jason practice, talked to a friendly dog called Dice and generally had a fun time!
 Jason showing Ethan the kayaking ropes! Got to get them started early!
Even though it was cooler than the week before, Perth still put on a lovely winter's day for Jason's canoe polo training!
I love being able to spend as much time outdoors as we did this weekend just been! Here's to more winter weekends like this one!

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