Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Fathers Day... by Ethan

My Dad is the best dad, he plays with me when he gets home from work, makes me laugh, tickles me, cuddles me to sleep when I can't get to sleep myself, gives me the best baths and not only that he has a cool car too!

On the weekend just been I got to tell him how great a Dad he was. It started with a wake-up cuddle!Mum and I spent all week making cards for Dad, hoping to get it perfect, but I kept moving my feet and playing around making it tough for her... it was funny and we got paint everywhere but Dad didn't suspect a thing!! I also made cards for my Poppy, Grandad and Great-Grandad!
I found this real awesome book that was all about my "SuperDad", I was so impressed, my Daddy must be so amazing to have a book written just about him!
Some of my favourite parts in the book are:

Meet SuperDad. He's the absolute best!
He's simply amazing, as you might have guessed.
Even when things are crazy and life is a zoo,
There is nothing my SuperDad cannot do.

My SuperDad's hugs are the absolute best.
They start when I rise and don't end til I rest.
They are hugs mixed with giggles and its not over-zealous
To say that they'd make a grizzly bear jealous.

On Sunday Dad and I just mucked round fixing his car (did I tell you he has a cool car?). Here we are making switches, gauges and bright lights for the dashboard!
My Dad is a SuperDad and I LOVE him to pieces! Happy first Fathers Day Dad!

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Meghan at MNM's said...

Super cute post - love that footprint card - I bet some persistence needed to get those lil tooties to stay still! And that Super Dad book is simply brilliant!