Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The bumbo...

In my last post I mentioned that we got Ethan the bumbo... he loves it and it means he can sit up to his hearts content without me or Jason holding him there. He still gets tired in it as his little abs need to work hard but it was a good purchase.
Our back yard gets quite sunny in the summer, so Jason got a couple of new umbrellas on the weekend, can't wait until Ethan can use his little table!
The weather has been getting really nice, so Ethan and I play outside a lot more these days... Here he is during tummy time... as you can see from the bottom right photo he sometimes get plain tired and just face plants the mat!
After losing most of his hair in the weeks after the birth Ethan finally has enough hair to style haha... here is his little mohawk.
There's not much more news from here. Till next time.

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