Sunday, March 27, 2011

Work fundraising event...

A few weeks ago my work did a fundraising event for the Christchurch Earthquake and the Queensland floods. It was a pot luck lunch with different food/drink responsibilities being allocated to sub teams. We all paid $15 to the fund and supplied the food/drinks. My team were in charge of the dessert and soft drinks.

Although I couldn't eat the lunch being pregnant (lots of soft cheeses, cold salads, meats etc), I got behind the event and our team set to planning what we were going to do. After a while we decided to do an ice cream sundae bar, with heaps of fun toppings.

Here is the finished product (although the ice cream was still in the freezer at this stage). We got a little something for everyone, from- Mixed berries, MnMs, marshmallows and cherries to chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, chopped nuts and wafers. I can't forget the cream, or the 4 different types of ice cream/frozen yoghurt either.

All in all the sundae bar went down a treat (excuse the pun) and the IMO raised $800 for two good causes. A great way to spend a Friday I say!

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