Thursday, October 15, 2009

Update from WA

So last week I mentioned that I had a foot/ankle niggle. Well I saw the podiatrist and I have tendonitis in my posterior tibialis tendon, which is located on the inside part of my ankle just behind the bony knob. Apparently this tendon is the one responsible for raising the arch of the foot, so for those of us out there like me who's feet collapse in (over pronate) tend to be susceptible to tendonitis in this area. Its not incredibly painful, but it certainly isn't comfortable at all and I can feel it every step of every day.

So I have a regime of daily ice, massage, anti-inflammatory meds, taping and stretching. Along with this I am not allowed to wear thongs (ahahaha I thought that I would slip an aussie slang word in there), unstructured shoes or use fins while swimming. Anyone who knows me will realise that the last one will be the hardest for me as I LOVE my fins while swimming.

The podiatrist said that training on it will make it worse but that with two weeks to go I am allowed to keep my training as normal and we will sort out the issues after the race. I am sooooo pleased that the podiatrist is realistic with athletes... I wouldn't have stopped running this close to the race if he told me to.

Other news from the WA front, Jason has started his summer season of water polo, enjoying his first proper league game for his new team (and getting second in the player of the match competition). The canoe polo boys want him back as well but the league nights clash!

Perth is starting to heat up now, it was 17 degrees at 7am today and peaked at 29 degrees, its gonna be 34 degrees on Sunday as well- so back to it with a bang after a mild and cooler that usual WA winter!

We also want to say Happy Birthday to ALL the October birthdays in the family: Camille, my Mum and Dad, Leza and Summer! We wich we were able to celebrate with you, and hope you know we are thinking of you on each day.

The next time I post I will be in my week off work before race day. I hope to have some more photos by then as I realise all text updates are very boring.

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