Monday, October 5, 2009

It's wildflower time...

I think I have mentioned in another blog post the huge difference between seasons in Western Australia. During the summer months it gets very, very dry and dusty. From January through to may I think there was only 1mm of rain this year. Winter is so, so different to this. It rains a lot here, not as much as Wellington last winter. The good thing is it seems to rain a lot at night and stay reasonably dry during the days which I am happy with.

The upshot of all this rain is the awesome difference in the seasons. Everything is pretty and green right now and then there is the wildflowers. Mention wildflowers and most people in Australia think of Western Australia. There are up to 12,000 wildflower species found within the state, and Western Australia’s wildflower season draws visitors from all over the world.

We haven't managed to do a drive out to the most spectacular wildflowers due to training commitments, but we have seen some of the local highlights. Jason is really looking forward to our wildflower trip next year (hehehe). I want to do a 2- 3 day trip to see the best of it.

Here are some of the shots that I have taken locally:

Everlasting daisies facing the sun...

Most Western Australian wildflowers bloom in late winter or early spring, from July until November. Some species require more warmth for growth and therefore bloom in late spring during the months of October and November.

The wildflower season, beginning in the Pilbara in July, commences slightly later as you head south, concluding in the southern regions in November. The season is subject to weather variations, but generally wildflowers can be seen in profusion in Western Australia from July until November.

Close up of the everlasting daisies:
The fields are full of them... they go on for ages...
From the WA Wildflower website: "The wildflower season ranks as one of Western Australia’s most fascinating and precious natural treasures. For several months of each year wildflowers are scattered across 2.5 million square kilometres of terrain. As diverse and colourful as the locals, the uniqueness and natural beauty of the wildflowers attract thousands of tourists and scientists every year."

Close up of the kangaroo paws...
I may try and head out for a day trip a little further afield to check out the wildflowers after the Perth World Champs race... maybe it will be my birthday treat :-)

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