Saturday, May 24, 2008

Last big brick done!!

Well today was the last big training brick for this campaign. I had a 3 km swim, 2 hour ride with 45km tempo and a 5km run at race pace.

The swim included:
8 * 50 m explosive kick
3 *(4 * 50 m max, 3 * 100m race pace on 1.30 and 200m easy pull)

The ride included 45km tempo at:
15km just below race pace
15km at race pace
15km above race pace
Each 15km included a climb up Ngaio Gorge.

The run was a 5km at race pace. I did my first ever sub 20 min 5km off the bike in this session which was really awesome!

So all in all a great session to end the really, really hard training leading up to Vancouver.

Looking ahead I still have a few tough sessions to go but none of this length.

At the time of writing this post I am just 13 days and 7 hours away from racing

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