Friday, May 23, 2008

15 days till race day...

So I am sitting at work with just 15 days to go till race day (and only 7 till we leave the country) and I just can't get motivated to work. I am distracted like I never have been. My body is tired and sore from all the hard sessions that I am been doing and I am worried that we won't have enough money for our trip! But I am looking forward to racing.

My goals for the race are:
  1. Enjoy the race;
  2. Have the best swim, bike and run that I can have;
  3. Maintain focus and give it everything I have.

If these three goals come together on race day then I will be pleased. The goal for this year's world champs was to go and see what I might need to do to podium in the 2009 World Champs. I need to see where I am at in my age group and I will then have over a year to focus on building the skills I need for 2009.

In terms of the course I think that it will suit me.... the bike is a 4 lap course with a 2-3 km 6% climb and a 3km fast downhill for each lap. The run course is a 3 lap course with a gradual 400m climb each lap. This course seems to be a strength based course which suits me. So definitely looking forward to it.

The swim is a one lap point to point swim with a beach start. I am technically better at beach starts over deep water starts so that suits me too. I just need to get good goggles for it now as the last few Scorching Bay races I had issues with my goggles coming off in the beach start!

That's about all from me. I am going to carry on writing my to do and packing lists now :-)

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