Friday, January 25, 2008

Wellington anniversary weekend: handball and triathlon race

Over Wellignton Anniversary weekend Jason played a game of handball down on Oriental Beach... it was a primo day! I am pleased that he only played goalie as I was worried about potential injuries this close to the big swim day.... here are a couple of photos for you:

On Wellington anniversary day I did one of the Scorching Bay triathlons. It was a primo day for a triathlon, calm and overcast (with the sun coming out in full force just after we finished). A day without wind in Wellington is a rare treat and all 200+ competitors made the most of it.
I did the full standard distance triathlon on a pretty solid week of training (1500m Swim/40km bike and 10km run for those of you non-triathletes) and came in second overall to Evelyn Williamson.
I could definitely feel the hard work of the previous week in my legs in the swim but still loved the calm conditions. I managed to draft of Deb Trendle for about half a lap as well so I was stoked with that.... she burned me off after that.
I had a primo ride in the triathlon and did a 1:10:44 including T2- I was really pleased with the bike as I hada massive hills ride on the Sunday before (Horokiwi *2, Korokoro, Normandale and Kelson)

My run time was: 0:45:36 (10.6km). I actually felt really awesome coming off the bike but faded after the first lap... the hard week caught up on me.
Overall time: 2:20:14. Pleased with the effort for a first outing of the season at this distance and on tired legs!

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