Monday, October 8, 2007

Wind, wind, wind ... hills, hills, hills

My week consisted of two things pretty much... wind and hills!!!!

Firstly the wind... we are being hit by some awful windy weather in Wellington at the moment. Really gusty northerlies! I was pretty scared on both Tuesday's and Wednesday's bike rides. I couldn't even go near my aero bars on these rides it was just way too dangerous. I was nearly blown into traffic three or four times!

Secondly, Kevin put in 8 solid hours of hill riding during the week just been. 3 hours on Tuesday's session and 5 hours on Saturday's session. I think that i have climbed just about every hill in wellington right now. But I am feeling really good for it and starting to notice the difference on the bike.

Some of the hills visited this week: Makara, Wrights Hill, Wind Turbine, Ohiro Rd, Happy Valley rd, Severn St, Hungerford Rd, Houghton Bay rd (to Mt Albert), Mt Victoria, Wadestown Hill, Tinakori Hill, Horokiwi, Korokoro, Normandale, Kelson, Liverton Rd, Blue Mountains... and the list goes on!!!

After Saturday's session (which I actually got sun burnt in) I cleaned my bike as well as a reward for getting me up some of the hills we traversed!

Sunday saw the worst, windiest weather of the week so I did my ride on the indoor trainer. It was just too dangerous to get out on the road. So I got to watch the rugby.... hmmm that's all i will say about that.

Jason's parents and sister are off in rarotonga for the week (lucky them) for Leza's birthday. I wish we could have gone, a week in the sun sounds like heaven right now.

Jason and I are both on a light week of training with Sunday off (the first weekend day off in AGES). I think a sleep in will be the first order of the day!

This week I have the corporate multisport challenge to look forward too. I am doing the 3okm road cycle. Fingers crossed that the Northerlies are not as bad that day as the course is a toughie in that wind!!!! Either way it will be pretty good strength training for me!

Eeek, only:
10 days till my 4 day training camp in the Wairarapa
18 days till the K2 race (double eek)
33 day's till I hit 30 (not even thinking about that one right now)

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