Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Training camp

I took a day's annual leave over labour weekend to attend a 4 day training camp in the wairarapa with Vicki and Kevin of Trigoals (Kevin is my Coach). The weekend consisted of:


1. 3km swim (including 4 * 50 kick with no fins and 18 * 100s to "warm" us up for the hills ride)

2. 3 hr hilly bike ride (including Admirals Hill). The photos below show us on our way out and near the top of the admiral hill climb.

3. 60 min run. Later in the day we went out for an easy 60 min run. I found the run loosened up my legs somewhat.
We started with a 5 hour bike ride, this ride was not as hilly as Fridays ride. However we did encounter some of the strongest cross winds that I have ever cycled into. It was horrendous!!! I was blown nearly 5 m across the road in one gust and nearly blown off the actual road several times. Two of our riders actually walked their bikes through the windiest section. I was pretty scared actually. We got to stop after 100km for a nice lunch break and then carried on back to Masterton for another 50km to the end of the ride.

Later in the day we headed back to the pool for a 3km recovery swim. It always feel so great to swim after a long ride! I loved it!


We started with a 3 km swim and then did a 90 min run. It was really hot during our run and I managed to get pretty sunburnt (this was on top of the wind burn from the previous two days of riding).

Later in the afternoon we did a 90 min recovery ride. I wasn't allowed at the front of the cycle bunch at all!!! It was nice to spin the legs though and we finished this leisurely ride with a cafe stop for coffees and diet cokes.


We planned to do a 3 hour ride on Sunday and as we left Masterton it was brilliant sunshine. But as we got closer and closer to Martinborough the weather started really packing it in. Once it started hailing we turned around and did a time trial back to Lake Henley in Masterton. Here is a photo of that ride back....
It was pretty cold but I had a primo ride, there is nothing like riding at 50kmh+ with the wind behind you. I totally forgot how cold and wet I was. This ride (unlike all the previous ride) was a solo effort, no group riding at all. I loved it. There is nothing like riding fast!!!!
When we arrived at Lake Henley we jumped off our bikes, urged our numb fingers to tie running shoe laces and went for a 30 min run off the bike. I did this run as a tempo run, aiming to run each successive 10 minutes faster than the previous 10 min. It was great and an awesome way to finish a hard training camp- knowing that you can really push yourself after 4 hard days is an awesome feeling!!!

So all in all a great time was had by all (with a few highs and lows throughout the weekend). Here is a picture of the whole group:

I really wish I could do this sort of training camp more often!!!
This is me re-fueling after one of the rides... food always tastes so good after a long ride.

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