Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Waterfalls in Melbourne!

While in Melbourne I wanted to take Ethan to some waterfalls given the lack of water and decidedly unspectacular waterfalls over west! The first visit was a chance stop where we saw a sign to a waterfall as we were driving the great ocean road. I did a quick google search and it said that the waterfall was a 10 min walk from the road. Given google usually estimates time for a slower than normal walker we all set out with enthusiasm... especially Ethan (he loves any sort of "adventure").

10 minutes in and we were still going up and down, 20 mins in and we weren't there yet.... I had visions of us all lost and on the news fore our inappropriate clothing and footwear as well. But we eventually made it and this is what we found!
On one of our last holiday days we visited a second waterfall... this one, unbeknownst to any of us was down what felt like 1000 steps (in reality it was probably 400 steps!). But it was worth it. It was a lot like NZ bush and I was really pleased to make the trip (although climbing 400 stairs while 30+ weeks pregnant wasn't the easiest thing I have done... and Jason had a passenger on his shoulders for much of the climb as well).
It was incredible how like NZ the scenery was. 
Ethan and his Gran went on a long adventure walk as well!
I couldn't resist the obligatory selfie while at the waterfall!
There are so many waterfalls to visit along the great ocean road and we only saw two of them. It's hard to know the "best" ones to visit but we took a chance with two that we saw street signs for! 

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