Monday, February 10, 2014

Kings park and coffee

While Jason is training for the Rottnest Solo swim Ethan and I have been having a little more Mummy and Son time on the weekend. A few weekends ago we decided to visit Kings Park's Naturescape.

Naturescape is a place for kids (and their mummies) to connect with nature. It is a place to explore, climb rocks and ropes, wade through creeks, build cubbies and get dirty! In other words, a 2.5 yr old's dream outing!

First up Ethan found a big stick... this was to scare away the big tigers that were in the bush (his imagination is really starting to come along!
After chasing tigers (imaginary) we chased crows (real). But it wasn't long until Ethan spotted the water!

We played in the creek for ages.... exploring the water, feeling the smooth stones below our feet. We arrived nice and early so basically had the place to ourselves! Often unheard of on these hot days!
Soon Ethan wanted to have a real play at a playground so we headed off to another corner of the Kings Park - Sticky Beaks play ground. I only got a few snaps of this as Ethan and I were too busy running around for photos!
After our morning playing we met Jason for a coffee (baby cino) and muffin at the local. 

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