Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013

2013 Christmas was a quiet Christmas for the three of us. We had planned to meet a few friends at the beach for an 8am swim followed by brunch and a glass of sparkling.... however Ethan foiled those plans by sleeping into after 8! He never sleeps in, yet he chooses to on Christmas morning!!!

We put out presents (or "prinsets" as Ethan calls them) under the tree 4 days before Christmas - I didn't want to give Ethan too much time to tempt him into opening them!
We placed Ethan's "Santa Sock" in his doorway of his bedroom which he was SOOOOO excited to stumble across once he woke up! He came running down the hallway yelling "Santa Sock, Santa Sock". This was filled with 3 - 4 $2 toys and he really loved it. We probably could have stopped right there hahaha!

We missed brunch on the beach but we still had brunch (croissants with bacon and brie) and muesli, berry and yoghurt parfaits.

We went to the beach after brunch and as we had brunch late we decided to have Christmas dinner instead of lunch. It sure made for a more relaxing day!

Our Christmas dinner was:

  • whiskey, marmalade and mustard glazed ham
  • roasted cherry tomatoes
  • smoked chicken, asparagus and pasta salad; and
  • Chargrilled capsicum, corn and avocado salad.
Simple, but delicious!

Dessert was:

  • Red velvet cake/cheesecake (good concept, looked yummy but failed to deliver)
  • "Red" fruit salad (watermelon, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries) with mint syrup
  • Homemade white and dark chocolate rocky road with cranberries, pistachios and macadamias

Ethan had a fun afternoon playing with his new toys, including the water feature!
All in all a lovely, albeit quiet, Christmas.

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