Saturday, September 21, 2013

What's been happening over West!

Firstly apologies for the long hiatus in posts! Life just got in the way for a few weeks! With daycare, work, running a marathon (I'll post about that later), Ethan having a bit of a bad run with illness again, my work in the midst of a merger, Jason's parents visiting and more I just haven't had the time to sit down and write a post!

So its going to be a bit hard to write about everything that has happened in the past 6 or so weeks so I thought that I would just give you a pictorial update on a few comings and goings!!

We bought Ethan and tent.... and I regretted it very soon after, cos all we got for weeks on end was "play in the tent, mumma play in the tent, Daddy play in the tent"... unfortunately the tent is broken now. Here are some photos of Jason and Ethan watching a movie in the tent... as you can see Jason is really happy to be there!
Ethan really has changed a lot in the last few weeks! He is looking and acting very grown up! 
While Jason's parents were here we all went out to visit the cuddly animal farm! Ethan had a ball, he got to feed the goat and ride a horse!
And play in puddles afterwards (which I think he liked more hahaha).
Ethan really enjoyed having his Gunma and Nandad here! They spent heaps of time at the beach and at various parks around the place (we had a glorious weather week while they were here).

Unfortunately, we have has some very rainy days since which has called for some arts and crafts, which Ethan is enjoying more and more!
A couple of weeks back we got Ethan a new bike... and despite the warnings that this isn't a stunt bike, I fear that is exactly what Ethan sees it as! Uh oh.... how long till our first A&E visit I wonder???
Ethan gets very attached to things! We got him an umbrella, and now it has to go with us everywhere (unless we are clever enough to hide it!). Ethan has also worked out that he can reach the fish food by dragging the chair around the place, I have to be very vigilant to make sure he doesn't feed the fish every 30 min or so! Finally, Ethan has decided that custard scrolls with icing and desiccated coconut are his bakers delight food of choice now (it used to be the cheesymite scroll!)...
A few weekends ago we were reminded how quickly kids can go downhill... here's Ethan just before lunch - climbing his first tree (with a little support from Dad).....
Two hours later we were at the supermarket and he had power chucked over Jason, he had a temperature of 39+ and he was going down hill rapidly....After 3-4 more spews (and vomiting up any pain relief we could give him) we skyped his Grandma for a trans-tasman triage assessment. Given how lethargic Ethan was, his little grunts and his general demeanor we all decided it was best that we take him to the hospital....

As we walked into emergency, Ethan vomited all over me (I didn't think to bring spare clothes for myself either) and he was burning up! It was a pretty busy night at the emergency department, but we got to see someone about 90 minutes later....

Its hard to explain that Ethan is usually a "happy sick" kid, so it was his lethargy that was the most worrying! Here he is at hospital!
After a good check up, we got the annoying diagnosis of "probably something viral".... given he hadn't kept any pain relief down they gave him a suppository, which helped a fair bit and then we were on our way home again! No answers and still a very unwell and unhappy boy on our hands!

He is slowly coming right, onto his 15th day of anti biotics now, so fingers crossed that's the last of the winter sickness for us!

Well that's Ethan's last 6 odd weeks in a nut shell... I'll try to be better at posting over the coming weeks!

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