Thursday, June 27, 2013

Understanding and Compassion!

Ethan manages to surprise me every single day of his life! I could tell you hundreds of stories about him, like any proud parent! But I won't bore you with them all! Instead I will tell you two stories which really stand out for me! The first is about understanding and the second is about compassion!

Understanding: Recently we have been using a little bit of time out for discipline. As Ethan has only just turned two, and I don't think there would be much chance of keeping him on a time out mat, we put him in his cot for time out. While on the surface it seems to work, we were never really sure that he understands what we are doing and why. Anyway, a week or so ago Jason did something that Ethan didn't like.. so Ethan grabbed Jason's hand, pulled Jason down to his bedroom, made Jason sit on his toddler bed, said "no Dad" and walked out. Ethan put his dad in time out!! Wow.... so I guess that answers my question as to whether Ethan understands what time out it!

Compassion: On Saturday I was having a pretty bad day (for various reasons and none of them important now). Anyway, I walked in the door and was crying pretty heavily. Ethan grabbed me by the hand, took me to the kitchen, opened the bottom drawer and took out a face cloth. He then pulled me down to his level and proceeded to wipe my tears away.... saying "good now mama!". This sweetness and compassion made me cry a little more!

So there you have two of my favourite recent stories about Ethan!

How much is he growing up!!!

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