Thursday, May 19, 2011

Update from Perth

Just a quick update as we have been getting lots if questions...I am now 4o weeks and 5 days pregnant with no real signs of this baby coming any time soon. It is just way too comfortable in there I think. Both Jason and I are itching to meet Baby Papps!!!

Earlier this week I was a little more frustrated and ready for action so I saw an acupuncturist to try and naturally assist bringing on the labour process. He didn't do a full induction session as he wanted to do a pre-labour session first. He did put a needle in my forehead, with the aim to calm me down and relax and I swear it worked. I was nowhere near as frustrated that evening (or since) which was good. I have another acupuncture session on Friday.

In other non-baby related, but exciting news Jason has recently received a promotion in his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, he is now a white belt with a black tip. Very exciting!!

Not much more news from Perth at the moment and here's hoping the next blog post is to introduce a new member of our family.

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