Sunday, April 17, 2011

Baby shower

Today I had my baby shower with some of the wonderful friends that I have made since living in Perth, it was a lovely afternoon and I think everyone had a good time. The balloons led the way... also indicating that we don't know the sex of the baby.
I was so very excited to be able to decorate with roses from our own garden. The fourth or fifth beautiful flowering of the season.
My dear friend Sandy and I had some fun decorating the cupcakes... more fun than eating them I think.

The pitter patter of baby feet...
I was very lucky to receive some lovely, and very practical gifts. This is one of them, a baby bath with lots of goodies in side. Thanks Melanie!!
We played a couple of games as well, the first was guess my waist line.... some very flattering and others not so, haha. But Melanie was very close and got a good prize for her powers of deduction. The other game was guess the guest's baby photos. Sandy was observant when people arrived with their photos and Fiona's random number generating was a good strategy, both getting 100% right so sharing the second gift.

A big thank you goes out to Sandy, Melanie, Fiona, Sharon, Nera, and Tonia for the lovely gifts and fun afternoon.

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