Sunday, February 27, 2011

A few things for Poppy...

So I have been promising some nursery shots for a wee while now... so here they are. We are renting in Perth so no painting the walls in nice bright colours... but we are pleased with how it is all looking.

We have been very good and have really only bought things in sales (and around 30 - 70% off) but the one thing that wasn't on sale and that I didn't negotiate on was the moses basket (instead of the more traditional bassinet). This is in our bedroom for those first few months. We already have a lovely sleigh cot (that transitions into a toddler bed) as well, which we were pleased to pick up second hand off eBay.
So although we are not allowed to paint the walls we were allowed to put some removable stickers up... We also have a great, colourful Noah's ark mobile.
And finally, some teddies for little baby Papps already. The two big teddies (the black one is called Bobo) are home made from my mum, the cow is from Jason's sister Melissa, the little blue dog (Spot) is from Jason's other sister Leza, the little brown bear (softest bear ever) is from Jason's mum, the monkey is something we picked up at the target sale and the tiniest blue bear (Bluey) is Jason's from when he was a baby.
We also have a lot of knitwear (lucky it does get a little cold in winter in Perth), and some lovely clothes/blankets/books from friends and family, than you to the following:

  • both my parents and Jason's parents;
  • the Townsville Dalziells;
  • the Hayeks;
  • the Rotorua Tickelpenny's;
  • Sandy and Nathan (and Frank the Tank);
  • Blossom and Kate;
  • Angela;
  • Natalie and Deano; and
  • Jason's boss.
The gifts will mean that little Baby Papps look super stylish in those first few months!!!

We have also got maybe a month's worth of nappies and baby wipes ready to go and each week with the groceries I have been stocking up on those more expensive grocery items (as they come on special) i.e. washing powder and fabric softener, dishwasher tablets, house cleaning products, personal care items (shaving cream, body wash and shampoo etc) and toilet paper. Just trying to get a little ahead while we still have two incomes. I have around 8 more weeks of work to go now, so I should be able to get a good stock up on all these products.

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