Monday, March 1, 2010

Perth in summer time...

Perth gets pretty hot in summer time, this means that I sometimes get out and start running before 5am... which is crazy really. But somtimes it really can't be helped. Especially on days where the temperature is predicted to hit in the 40s!

Well just a quick update, but Perth has recently officially baked in its longest spell of hot weather since the turn of the century. The local weather statistics show the city has had seven consecutive days of temperatures greater than 35 degrees. A heatwave in Perth is defined as three consecutive days of temperatures greater than 35 degrees. The other night, Perth's minimum overnight temperature was 27 degrees!!! Lucky we have air conditioning for sleeping.

The heat has been accompanied by a big dry, with just 0.2mm of rain falling so far this year. That is the second driest start to a year on record! However some relief is expected tomorrow when the maximum temperature is expected to "only" hit 30 degrees!!!

With this weather Jason and I experienced another interesting Perth phenomenon. It was 7.30 pm on Sunday night, dark but very hot (32 degrees) so I managed to convince Jason an icecream and a walk on the beach was a good idea. We got there and the beach was all lit up and there were hundreds of families there all playing around as you would during the day. Kids running around in togs, playing in the water and building sand castles... it was just night time... Odd really as I can't imagine ever being able to do that in Wellington. It was like a whole different world that we hadn't seen before. The "take the family to the beach in the dark" world!!! I guess the skin cancer risk is a whole lot lower (and the beach was very pleasant!).

Well that's all on Perth's summer. We are now officially in Autumn and the week's forecast gos something like this: 30, 28, 28, 29, 33 and 35 degrees. Ohhh I love Autumn in Perth!

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