Monday, April 13, 2009

Evening walk on the beach

Western Australia often provides us with great sunsets and sunrises. The old saying "Red Sky in the morning, shepherds warning" is not correct here though. We often get red sunsets and sunrises and still not a lot of rain...

While trying to catch the gorgeous sunset a week or so ago we raced down to the beach... however we missed the best of it which was a shame. As we literally raced out the door we didn't grab any warmer clothes... and here Jason is showing how "cold" it was... all of about 25 degrees I think!!!
In this shot, right at the far end of the beach you can see Fremantle Port. Here Jason is on the collapsing sand bank.
It was such a beautiful evening and a great way to relax before going home! There were lots of kids and dogs playing, and people walking, running and fishing. I really like living close to the beach and being able to get out and about regularly. It is also pretty refreshing as the Fremantle Doctor is often blowing so its a good way to cool off before heading inside after work.

I think Jason is moaning about how cold it is... boy how things change hahaha

The tide was out as far as I have ever seen it this evening, we have never seen these rocks before...

As you can see, the sunset was putting out a lovely light for photos...

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